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Introducing the Aladdin Mason Entertaining Collection

There are times for the perfect party... and then there are times when the stress of achieving entertaining perfection makes a solo night in stretchy pants sound tempting.

This Spring, let's all stress less and get together more. How many times have you said goodbye to a friend after a lovely afternoon or evening together and said, "we really should do this more often?" But then life gets busy, and your good napkins are dirty, and you don't have time to make homemade anything... We say enough with the pressure to be the perfect hostess all the time. Let's make it easier to have people over (and have more fun!).

Mason Pitcher with Mason Tumblers and Mason CupsThe whole team at Aladdin is super excited to introduce you to our mix-and-match collection of mason-inspired entertaining supplies. We hope they will help you stress less and get together more: more impromptu patio parties, more at-home happy hours, more game nights and BBQs. Plus, if you're having too much fun to clean up afterwards, no worries – everything can be run through the dishwasher* the next day.

Available at Walmart in March 2014, the Mason Entertaining collection includes:

  • - Two-Gallon Plastic Mason Dispenser
  • - One-Gallon Glass Mason Dispenser*
  • - 2.5 Quart Mason Pitcher
  • - 16oz Mason Cup 4-pack
  • - 32oz Insulated Mason Tumbler
  • - 16oz Insulated Mason Tumbler (with or without handle)
  • - 4-pack of Accessory Mason Straws
  • - 2-pack of Accessory Twist-Lids for Straws
  • - 2-pack of Accessory Press-Fit Lids for hot drinks

Lemon mint ice water in our 2 gallon Mason DispenserCraving more Mason? Feast your eyes on our brand new Entertaining lookbook for some get-together inspiration and ideas about how you can mix and match your own custom set.

Let's ditch the planning headache and party already!

*everything's dishwasher-safe except for the glass mason dispenser -- best to wash that one by hand